Kinetoscope Movie: OPTIONAL 20 Points



1)  First, skim this wiki entry about the history of the kinetoscope.   Make sure you understand how it worked!

2)  Next, click and watch a few of the 17 oldest movies made with this technology by Thomas Edison.    Note that these do not have sound and are incredibly short!  

3) Finally, to earn 20 pts, make your own short, silent film that duplicates the actions in one of these early films!  If you work with a class partner, BOTH of you must appear in the movie to earn the credit.    You must copy one of the themes  (sneezing, old football game footage, etc) but you CAN get creative with background (try to make it black and white).  If you don't copy one of the 17 films from Step 2 above, the best you can earn is 10 pts.

4) When you have your video filmed...upload it to the google Team Drive so all the class can see it!  Make sure if you work with a partner, they are visible in the video and you upload with both of your names so you can both get credit.   

If you do the steps above according to the instructions by the deadline of Halloween day, Oct 31st!...you'll earn the full points!!  It's that simple!   Each day after loses 5 pts....after 3 days, no more videos will be accepted.

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