Rocking and Rolling



Sam and Kate are at sixth grade camp.  They are in a class learning about rocks and fossils.  The teacher takes the students to a place to dig for fossils.  While they are digging, Sam finds a fossil.  "I got one!" he shouts.  Kate excitedly runs over to him to check it out.  "Wow!  That is really cool!  It looks like a sedimentary rock too!" she says.  "No way!  This is definitely an igneous rock," Sam argues.  "I don't think a fossil can be found in an igneous rock," Kate answers back.  "A fossil can be found in any kind of rock, duh" Sam says.  They continue to argue.  Who is right, Sam or Kate?  You must decide!  It is your mission as a detective to figure out who is correct.  To do this, you've got some investigating to do....   Good luck!

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