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"A man who knows two languages is worth two men." 

                   This webquest aims at helping learners master their English conversational skills and public speaking owing to the position of English and the importance of good communication skills in modern world. In order to understand more about the present status of English in modern world and particularly in Pakistan the following paragraphs are worth reading.

                                               English is spoken by about 470 million people throughout the world. English is the official language of about 45 nations. It is the mother tongue of about 60 million persons in the British Isles, from where it spread to many other parts of the world owing to British exploring, colonizing, and empire-building from the 17th through the 19th cent. It is now also the first language of an additional 228 million people in the United States; 16.5 million in Canada; 17 million in Australia; 3 million in New Zealand and a number of Pacific islands; and approximately 15 million others in different parts of the Western Hemisphere,Africa, and Asia. As a result of expansion, English is the most widely scattered of the great speech communities. It is also the most commonly used auxiliary language in the world. The United Nations uses English not only as one of its official languages but also as one of its two working languages. There are many dialects of the English language. 

                                             English has, perhaps, a larger vocabulary than any other language in the world, for it has grown over the years by incorporating words from its own dialects, other languages like Greek, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, French, German etc. The adventures of the English as they traded, fought and traveled around the world- in Europe, America, India, Australia and many other countries, made it still richer. Now, English occupies a place of eminence and honor in the world in the fields of literature and science.  In recent times, owing to the remarkable success of English speaking nation in the field of industry and politics, it is widely spoken internationally and in the sub-continent and many other countries it is studied by almost every educated man as the language of science, literature and culture. Even China is intended to learn this language now. And it is expected that it English will continue to play its role in these countries for a very long time to come. 

                                           No doubt, all Pakistani languages are equally important and we have to make all our efforts to elevate their standard with a view to preserving our national identity and heritage but at the same time should not lag behind in learning English. Taking into consideration the role of English, we have to be practical, and not sentimental. We have to accept the fact that it serves the purpose of being "a window to the world"  for us. 

                                                Let me end up with a funny fable. "A mouse and her child were being chased across the polished floor by a large cat. Mother mouse, gathering some courage, called out 'Bow Wow' in her loudest voice and frightened the cat away. Heaving a sigh of relief, she said, "My child, now you see how important a second language is!" :)   

                               So our worthy team made this webquest with a view that every learner who reads and understands is well-versed in the art of speaking. Here we provide you with a few interesting activities, and different effectual tips and lessons to improve your Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Fluency, Confidence and to make you a better speaker. Good Luck!      


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