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Dear students, you have an opportunity to do something wonderful. As a modern middle school student, you have amazing tools for creation and expression at your fingertips. You can connect with friends, share ideas, and make discoveries every day. 

That's great, but you should know that this opportunity comes with responsibilities as well. What if your parents gave you the keys to a fast, new car...but forgot to teach you how to drive it? You could probably get yourself into some trouble, right? Think of lessons on digital citizenship as the technology equivalent to driver's ed. During this WebQuest, you will work in teams of three to develop a contract for teens that lays out the fundamental aspects of being a good digital citizen. Remember: you write it, you sign it! The agreements you come up with should be guidelines you would agree to live by in your digital dealings. 

Whether you are a budding You Tube star, an Instagram fanatic, a casual Facebook updater, or you just enjoy scrolling through your Tumblr feed, the issues addressed in this WebQuest are important to you. They have the potential to affect your everyday lives in profound ways. Be sure to explore all the links and make good choices in order to keep your team on track to finish the assignment. This WebQuest is designed to be completed in five class periods. Plan accordingly and be sure to consult with the Librarian when you are unsure how to proceed. Good luck on your quest!

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