Assessing the Assessment



Whose job is it to assess?

Many people think of assessment as the role of the educator. Assessment is more than just a grade assigned by the teacher, but rather it can include a self-analyzing and/or peer aspect. Students need to play a more active role in the assessment process and enhance their meta-cognition skills.

The Assessment Triangle

Yes, you know of formative and summative assessments, but have you heard of the Assessment Triangle as introduced by the National Research Council in 2001? The triangle consists of the trifecta of cognition, observation, and interpretation which truly make an assessment authentic, and one that will serve purpose in helping the student continue to learn.

Are you making the grade?

So much emphasis is put onto grades in terms cutoff scores. Assessment is more than a number or a letter. After all, the best assessment comes from students being able to learn from their mistakes and construct knowledge.

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