Technology Training Day

Confidential Student Survey and Communication Setup


Welcome to Today's Webquest Activity 

 Whenever we work as a class on Webquests, you will usually be directed to a instruction page like this one, where you will follow instructions to accomplish the stated goals.   With any Webquest, your ability to read all directions carefully will be the thing that marks your success or failure.   

Today's Webquest Goal will involve information gathering about YOU and accessing some of the key tools you will need to succeed in this class.

Each step in today's Webquest has a point value, and if you accomplish all steps correctly, you will earn the simple grade of 30 pts out of 30 possible points, or 100%.  This is an easy grade as long as you read carefully!  When stuck, ask questions!  As you work, you may listen to music and have your phones out, but do not let this delay you goal.  

When you are ready start the step by step instructions, click on TASK and begin reading the Directions!

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