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The Human body is an amazing machine where the parts by UberS Radio"> work together to do  a task or daily activity. Therefore; it is very importatnt for the children to learn about their body as the followings:

  • The names of their body parts
  • The functions of the body parts
  • The importance of the body parts
  • Which parts of the body needed to do a certain activity..


Parts of the body & their functions
Description: The chidren will work in groups to match the body parts and the functions
Body Parts

Description: The number of your body parts
When you're dancing

Description: A funny song for the children on what your body do when you are dancing
Description: This activity will help the children label the parts of the body from the words box
Description: flashcrads of body parts
Learning your body parts
Description: The children will enjoy doing the art work of "Matching My Body Parts" using construction papers...MATCHING WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED!!!

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