Wellcome tothe Spanish Climate and landscapes:

In thisactivity we will have the opportunity to know a little bit more about the bigdifferences that we can find in Spain, not only in its climate but in itslandscapes and vegetation.

Forexample, in the maritime climate you will find short rivers with high, regularflow. The relief it will be with several mountain systems and deciduous forests,moors and grasslands. Animals as deer, capercaillies, fallow deer, wolves, etc.

Mediterraneancoastal is located in south and east of the Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Reliefis mountainaous, except for the coastal plains and the Guadalquivir Depression,rivers are short and irregular. The fauna is very impressive as golden eagles,peregrine falcons and wild cats.

Mediterreneaninland has a varied relief, plain are predominant on the Meseta and in the EbroDepression. The rivers flow  irregular. Youcan see wild pigs, partridges and eagles as well.

Sub-tropical  climate is located in Canary Islands with amountainous and volcanic origin, no rivers but only streams. You will be ableto visit Laurisilva forest, Bolle’s laurel pigeon and El Hierro giant lizards,etc.

And last,Alpine climate is located in mountain areas, as in Pyrenees, the SistemasBéticos and the Cordillera Cantábrica. The vegetation grows at differentslevels and you will find differents types of vultures, ibex, etc.

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