Civil Rights: 100 Years in the Making



African Americans have been fighting for equality since the passage of the 13th Amendment.  In 1876 any advancement made by African Americans in the South was set back one hundred years when Republicans removed military presence out of the South for a guarantee of the U.S. Presidency.  Facing Jim Crow laws on a daily basis became the norm for African Americans in the north and south.  Finally in 1955 a brave women finally took a stand, or rather a seat!  Rosa Parks is given credit, not necessarily for starting the civil rights movement, but for setting in motion a chain of events that turn the tide of history.

In this webquest you assume the role of a visitor from another world who has traveled back in time.  You have been sent to explore a few key highlights of this movement.  Place yourself in the exact moment; feel what the protesters felt, hear what they heard. In the end, you will be asked to write a short report from your perspective as one who marched and fought for equality and civil rights.
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