Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)



    While heading towards home,you decided to take a walk feeling the coldness of the night you suddenly witnessed a man who was gasping his breath and trying to loosen his upper garments.You immediately asked him if he was fine and he said yes so after hearing that you continue to walk, after few steps away from him you immediately heard some noise so you turn your back to found out that the man collapsed on the floor. You try to established if the man was still responsive but he does not response and upon knowing that you immediately checked his pulse but he was already pulse less. You dial up 911 to call for help and the operator instructed you to do CPR but you were hesitant to do because you don't know how to perform it even the operator was already telling you the procedure.You want to help the victim but you were afraid to do it because at the back of your mind you can possibly put the victim's life in danger. This incident will be an eye opener that every one should know how to perform the life saving procedure CPR. Through the activities on WebQuest,you will learn about CPR, like what is CPR? Indication of CPR and how to perform CPR. In this Quest you will find attachment about the definition and indication of CPR and video presentation that will guide you on the demonstration part of it.


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