Vocabvulary definitions-

cytoplasm-a jelly-like substance that fills the cells, all of the cells organelles(parts) are located here.

nucleus-a round structure inside the cell; controls all of the cells activities; the command center of the cells.

cell wall-gives shape and support ; it surrounds the cell and protects the other parts.

cell membrane-a thin lining just inside the cell wall; controls what flowsin and out of the cell(food, waste, water, and oxygen).

vacuole-storage facilities for the cells; store food or waste that will be used or gotten  rid of later.

chloroplast- Where the plants cells chlorophyll is stored; this is used to make its own food.

cells- a usually microscopic structure containing nuclear and cytoplasmic material enclosed by a semipermeable membrane and, in plants , a cell wall; the basic structural unit of organisms.

function- to perform a specified action or activity.

structure- anything composed of parts arranged together in some way. 

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