An Exploration into London, Europe.



President Georage Bush is looking for experienced 8th grade news reportors to go to London, Europe. He is soliciting our class to participate in this job. This job will require you to team up with a partner. One of you will be the news reporter and the other will be the camera man. You both will have to gather as much information as possible and write down important information in order to present what you have found to the President. He will be flying you into Europe for three days on a private jet. You will be staying at the finest hotel in London where you can relax, work, and write in your journal. Since you will only be in London for three days, it is important that you spent most of your time working for the President and not sight seeing.

Each team will be assiagned to one of the three categories to explore:

1. Culture

2. Customs

3. Lifestyles


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