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Line and Balance with Piet Mondrian

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Introduction Introduction

    Have you ever seen a picture that looked like it might tip over to one side at any moment? If so, that picture is what artists like to call "unbalanced." Unbalanced pictures have more "visual weight" on one side than the other, so they look heavier on one side. Visual weight can be made by having bigger things on one side than the other, more stuff going on on one side of the picture, or brighter colors on one side of the picture.

     We are going to look at artist Piet Mondrian to see how he created balance using only two things: straight lines and primary colors. We will be looking at websites that tell us about Mondrian, we will be looking at his paintings, and then we will be creating our own balanced pieces of art in the style of Mondrian. Make sure your picture doesn't look like it will tip over!

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