The Southwest Region



   Okay, here's the deal. I have been contacted by a travel agency named "T. Travel Agency" in Atlanta,Georgia.  Everyone has always thought that it stood for Tom's Travel Agency, but it actually stands for TIME Travel Agency! For many years, this agency has been working on a top secret project; constructing the very first actual Time Machine! This is a top secret mission because no one believes that time travel is actually possible, and the agency wants to be the very first to allow people to travel to their dream destinations whether they be from the past, present or future! This amazing invention will change the travel industry forever!

     Here is where we come in.  T. Travel has been so busy planning and constructing the time machine that they have not been able to plan where their guest will be staying! Our first president, George Washington has decided to be the very first to try the time machine, and he has planned a 5 day vacation to the present day United States. Since it has been a long time since he was alive and the country has changed so much since he was here, he is having a hard time deciding where he wants to stay. The agency has asked for our help because they know that we have been been learning about the Geography of the United States and I have also told them that you will not tell anyone else about the secret mission!

     You are going to be divided into five groups. It will be each group's job to research everything there is to know about the southwest and create a presentation that will persuade Mr. President to stay there for his five day visit! You will be learning about the states in this region, the land, the people, the food, the music, the landforms, physical/human characteristics, tourist attractions and unique information that will make George Washington ready to take the first flight out! You will be presenting your case to Mr. President as soon as he steps off of the time machine and he will choose where to spend his vacation. The group that wins has been offered special jobs by T. Time Agency, assisting them with planning other time travel trips. The winning group will also get to go on a vacation to anywhere in the past, present or future. Your job is very important- you are the only class that has been asked to do this! Make sure you get to really know the region and create something that is eye-catching, creative and persuasive!

Your main goal is to answer these Essential Questions:
What are the specific locations of the states and capitals in the Southwest?
What are some of the regions' physical features and what is the climate like?
Who helped to shape the Southwest and what are some significant events?                                                                                                                 

What significant features and landmarks represent the southwest?                                                                                                                      
How have natural resources contributed to the economic development of the southwest?

   Now that I have briefed you for our mission, are you up for the challenge? Great, then let's get started exploring the regions of our country!

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