Setting Goals, Giving Feedback, & Student Self-Assessment



How can we make lessons more effective for our students?  How can we ensure they learn the skills they need to monitor their own skill development and progress?  What are the best practices for giving open-ended feedback?  How can I (and why should I) elicit feedback on my teaching from my students?

These are all questions that we as soon-to-be teachers are asking ourselves as we speed toward the end of our training, and start thinking about how to optimize what we do with our classes.  Particularly at the beginning of our careers, but throughout them as well, we need to get feedback on what is and is not working.  We get this through TCAP scores, sure, but we should also be getting input straight from the horse's mouth and about things other than simple subject knowledge.  We need to know what new ideas students have, how they like the activities we choose for them, etc. 

This is a place to start gathering ideas and filling your toolbox!  I hope you enjoy it!

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