The Civil War: The Union Versus the Confederacy



The Civil War is an extremely large and important topic in U.S. History because it is what shaped the future of the U.S. and is the reason the United States works the way it does today. The Civil War was a series of both large and small high stakes battles with a high death total that determined the which part of the country would become the main power. It was began when states in the South did not agree with the laws of the North and decided that they did not want to be a part of the country anymore. They seceded from the U.S. and became the Confederate States of America. The battle went on for a few years and ended in a close Union victory. Both of the sides of the war had their own unique strengths, had brave and skilled leaders, and had plenty of skilled Generals to lead the armies. This project will help students understand our history through this war, understand the suffering and hardships that both armies went through, and will help students understand how different the U.S. would be if the war ended differently.

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