So you're gifted... Now what?



Just as there are many reactions to the term 'Gifted', there are many types of gifted people.

You've been identified "gifted" at school.  Sometimes this label comes with a sense of relief and pride that finally people understand the real you.   Sometimes, however, the label comes with a sense of guilt and frustration.  Now everyone seems to expect perfection and high standards and you feel like you are constantly being measured. Read an amusing poem about being deemed gifted.


by Judith K. Schulze

Golly! I just took a test
That says I'm different from the rest.
What am I?  Well, I must confess...
I'm "gifted."

The psychologist said right from his heart,
"I fear that you are rather smart
And from this day you are to start...
Being gifted."

I think I turned six shades of green
And developed pains down to my spleen.
I asked, "Whatever does it mean?
This word 'gifted'?"

He said, "You have a high I.Q.
I wish, my child, that I were you!
Why I'd give an arm or leg or two
To be gifted.

My thoughts immediately went adrift
And each idea I did sift.
At last I said, "Give me my gift.
Then I'll be gifted!"

He laughed for all that he was worth
And nearly doubled up with mirth.
"This gift you have you've had since birth.
You've BEEN gifted!"

I thought and then when he was done
I asked, "Am I the only one
In this whole school or under the sun
Who is gifted?"

He named the two or three percent
Of students who to classes went.
And then I knew just what this meant,
About gifted.

It could be the best news I'd heard,
But then I thought about a word
And screamed, "But, must I be a nerd
If I'm gifted?"

He laughed again when I was through.
"My child, you'll always be just you
But smarter than all except a few
'Cause you're gifted."

"Will I be perfect?  Get all A's?
Make the Honor Roll?  Get lots of praise?
Have no homework nights and easy days?
Well, I'm gifted!"

"No, others may expect such things;
Just do your best.  Be sure it brings
True joy to YOU!  You'll soar on wings
And enjoy being

Giftedness has its pros and cons.  It can mean that you do some things more easily than other kids your age.  It also can mean that you sometimes understand things better than many adults!  It also means that in some areas, you are average or even lower than average.  That's normal.

People are unique.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  Gifted kids are sometimes targets for expecting perfection, in school and in their personal lives.  It's not possible to be perfect!

What makes you unique?  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?

In this Web Quest, you will learn a great deal about what makes you tick.  Usually teachers don't encourage students to compare themselves to others, but in this case, comparison with others will help to create a mosaic of unique personal strengths to create a phenomenal group.


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