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 Dear Rookie Reporter,

 Think you're ready for a challenge? I wantto review your responsibilities for our special section in the Explore MoreNews. You realize that      most of our readers wouldn't know a glow-in-the-darkbunny from a field of Bt corn. A wind turbine from a windmill. A fish kill froma fish net.    The water cycle from a bicycle. You need to explain why they shouldcare and why these are problems we need to tackle.

 First, you are going to find an issue thatinterests you. Then you are going to research your topic and write an article.This is going to              require your best reporting skills. I want our readers to knowwho is involved and what the issue is. You'll report on the topic, or write a    human interest article or investigate a major issue.

We go to press as soon as you finish. So goget your pen and paper and get to work.


I. M. Thiboss

Managing Editor, ExploreMore News

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