An orange rolling... writing a narrative story



The DIARY of our project will show its progress. With details, the individual work from Greece  and a reference at the common work. 

1st STEP: CREATIVE WRITING Every country will begin the plot of its story. Common Work: The countries will share the stories� beginning and choose one of them for the common story.  COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY.

2nd STEP: At an important point of the story (1st PART- about 200 words maybe less or more), the teams of creative writing will have two routes (... in clouds). COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY.

1.       Every country will continue and will complete its story as it wishes keeping secret  the end of its story! COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY.

             With ELECTIONS chose the story from Lithuania to start our work

2.       Simultaneously , the 1st PART of every story will begin its trip rolling in the countries  and leading the project. The 2nd and the 3rd Part in February the 4th Part in March, the 5th and 6th part  in April ...

3rd STEP: Every team will have to write the NEXT PART of the story, to translate it in English and to send the  hole text (until that time) to the next country.         UPLOAD on E-TWINNING PROJECTS (link down)

In this way, every team will begin its fairytale, take part in all stories and complete the story of other teams.

                  Every team kept the timetable so that there was process in the project  and the stories completed  on time.

                                                                                                                                                                           The project  enriched multilaterally.

4th STEP: EDITION When the teams of creative writing will have finished  the cooperative stories, the project will have  7 options of the �An orange rolling��:

       6 individual, separate stories

         1 cooperative story

All of them published in an e-book!



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Η διαθεματικότητα του project σε παρουσίαση PREZI

Our project in PREZI


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