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The advertisement pictured above creates a beautiful, tranquil image of traveling on a cruise ship.  The implication is that you too can have a lovely, relaxing vacation if you book a cruise with this company.  Modern life is full of advertisements in many different media that convince people they should buy products and services.  How do they convince people?  This web quest explores the different ways that advertisers do the job of persuading us to buy.  Propaganda techniques are also discussed, as they are closely related to advertising techniques. 
Knowing the difference between objective information and propaganda is important for functioning citizens in a democratic country.  It's also important to know how your psychological wants and needs are being manipulated by advertisers.  In order to make wise  financial choices, you have to make purchases as rationally as possible.  As you join the adult world, you need to be able to navigate the huge amount of information coming at you through various media.

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