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We all tell stories on a daily basis.  We tell stories to our friends, our family members about our experiences, as well as stories about family members and friends.  Thus, we interact with story writing on a regular basis.  Another main way in which are exposed to story writing is through movies, movies generally tell a story.  Through these informal and indirect interactions with story writing, we become aware of the elements that make up a story.  We become cognizant that a story needs characters as someone has to be the 'star' (the protagonist) and someone has to be the 'bad guy' (the antagonist).   Between these characters, a problem will develop and the problem has to be solved.  The solution to the problem generally transcends a message to the readers, the listeners or the viewers or we find ourselves in a position saying "if only she has done...then this would happen or ...would happen".    These characters has to be in a particular location at a particular time which will bring about the setting.   This web quest will explore the interrelatedness between the elements of the story.

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