Journey to Freedom



Welcome 9th grade social studies students, continue at your own peril!  This adventure will take you to many places, it will tax your deepest thoughts, it will teach you and entice you to look beyond your fellow student - into his possible family history... 

While you are attempting this feat, you will also be achieving the goals of: American History and Social Studies, cuz knowing our history helps in understanding and shaping your future -- kinda cool!  So, as you complete your quest you will "examine changes in immigration policy and attitudes toward immigration since 1950" (SS.912.A.7.16); further you will achieve an "understanding of the rise and continuing international influence of theUnited States as a world leader and the impact of contemporary social and political movements in American life" (NGSSS: SS); namely the plight of Cuban Immigration to America since 1950. 

Many wonderful people and their families came to America to achieve freedom, freedom to go to the church of their liking, to get a well rounded education, to have political freedom, to work and own their own businesses/homes, to enjoy  a free life with their children.

Our quest, should you decide to accept this challenge is to -  Identify the famous Cuban immigrant- (you may use your computers to follow the hints - Websites) Once u have, we will make your way through history!!

Who am I????

I am a famous chef, cookbook writer and television host in Cuba

Immigrated back to Cuba from the U.S. at age 9 in 1934

I studied nutrition at the U ofLondon in 1940's

My books, Cocina criolla (1954),Cocina al minuto (1958) were reprinted in the U.S. and are still in circulation here.




Gloria Estefan (Mi Tierra)

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