Healthy LifeStyle



        If ever we are lying in the hospital and the doctor treat whatever our sickness, did we ever realized  that health is wealth,and money is nothing but just a waste if we already have that, we already know the saying that "prevention is better than cure" but those times that we are still well we don't care about this.  Now,are you aware of what you eat or what you engage to do? Or you are eating just to feed your appetite  and work without resistance to stress ? Like a computer if fully protected and less of errors then it will totally function and do its works well, more of a man who can control his mind without others  aid and with intelligence better than any other creature,but its nothing if he will just end up of early sickness because of unawareness of healthy lifestyle.Sometimes,its just like our minds work without purpose and advantage for ourselves and for the future that today we need to be good and be careful of our health.For young generation,wellness today is better than tomorrow,so we need to have that habits and consciousness about it.

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