A Nice Folded Paper Called Origami



Hello students! Here is my WebQuest about Origami. I make this WebQuest in order to increase your knowledge about Origami. As the part of the introduction, I will tell you a bit about Origami.

What is Origami? Origami is an traditional paper folding art that has been developed into a modern folding paper art. In my opinion, Origami is an paper art that will never die. It has been founded in about hundred years ago, but it still popular until now. Could you imagine how people do love this traditional art that they still preserve this traditional art well even if they may modify it. How about you? Do you love this traditional art too? You may not interested in making it, but you will love to see it. I think it is a very nice one.

Origami is generally known as a part of Japanese culture. There are also another countries that have paper folding art such as German, Dutch, and China. Although there are many countries that can show their ability in folding paper, Japan still the most famous one.

I hope you will enjoy learning about this nice paper folding art! :)

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