Our Eyes: How we see and what is the best option for vision correction?



You are sitting in class during a lecture and you can hear your teacher perfectly, but you observe that the words on the board are kind of fuzzy (blurry). It is not a big deal because squinting seems to help; maybe you are just tired.  When class has ended you walk up to the board to make sure you copied the notes properly.  Surprisingly you notice the notes are easier to read, and you missed a few details. Your teacher asks you if everything is alright and you explain your issue.  Your teacher  then asks if you forgot your glasses.  Dumbfounded you say that you don’t wear glasses or have contacts. Then you realize, maybe you need to…

As you walk to your next class the only thing you notice are students wearing glasses – you do NOT want to wear glasses.  Your mom wears contacts, but everyday she has to put them in and take them out; the thought of touching your eye freaks you out.  And there is NO way you would ever let a laser cut your eye. You seem to have run out of options, but know you will eventually have to make a choice, or forever be known as “The Squinter”.  Then you ask yourself, "If I am having trouble seeing, what vision correction choice is best for me?

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