Adventures in Analysis



Part 1=Background   Part 2=Comprehension   

Part 3=Analysis      Part 4=Extensions

Our adventure into literature will culminate into a final project that is multimedia in nature, digital in presentation, and analytical in focus.  Please be mindful of these hints to ensure successful academic insight as well as polished presentation design.

  • Develop a literature team of no fewer than four and no larger than ten readers. 
  • Choose from the novel list provided or get approval in writing from your teacher.
  • Explore your digital presentation options and make sure that you have access at school and home.
       a.  Are you going to build your project at LiveBinders.com?
       b.  Are you going to design a website?
       c.  Are you going to maintain an integrated blog?
       d.  Are you going to develop a new and innovative digital compilation?
  • Preview the book and its intent by researching  the book.  
  • READ and discuss the book with your book team.
  • Begin with summary, build your thinking into analysis, connect the book with the real world, and then play with the novel.
  • Reread when necessary and remember to work WITH your team. Do not divide tasks between you.  The deep analysis requires communication and collaboration in thought as well as in tasks.

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