Career Exploration and Job Transitioning for Students with Disabilities



As you enter high school and begin to explore the many aspects of high school life you will also begin to think about What Next? You will be faced with the difficult challenge of what comes after high school? What are my goals? My interests? My career path? How do I get to the next step? This WebQuest will help guide you to and through some of those questions. This Webquest is intented to be one of the many tools and avenues you will explore throughout your road through high school. As one of the tools and resources to help you explore the many career path beyond high school, you will also be asked to do some volunteer work, participate in the community-based instruction program, take a career course, participate in building a resume' and cover letter, and visit a career center. You will also be required to attend a vocational center, or participate in the school-to-work program during your final one or two years in high school. However, one step at a time. This WebQuest will enable and encourage you to make these tough decisions with the help of personality quizes, reume builders, and helpful career tips.


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