Be an adult



Finally, you've made it!  You no longer live at home.  You are on your own, living your own life, making your own decisions and PAYING YOUR OWN BILLS. 

For this project, you are going to work with your group to find out what it is like to live on your own as an adult (because, let's face it, eventually you are going to be an adult, live on your own, buy your own groceries and pay your own bills).  Since every group will have different ideas on what kind of job you might want, your group will be assigned a job and the general pay. Once you are in your group, you will need to decide which role each person is going to take.   The categories involve figuring out the budget based on your salary, finding an apartment, furnishing the apartment, buying groceries, buying a car and figuring out all the expenses that go along with owning a car and budgeting for savings and miscellaneous expenses.   After you and your group members find all of the information, you are going to put it into a PowerPoint or Posterboard presentation and present it to the class.

At the conclusion of the presentations, each group member will answer a few follow up questions about the webquest and what you have learned.

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