You're Hired!!!

Your team has been chosen to research one of the volcanoes listed below.  The information you will uncover will be used to teach the world about one of the most majestic yet dangers landforms on Earth; the volcano.  Your team will select a volcano, choose roles, conduct research, organize your information into a report and plan a presentation. 

Step 1: Chose one of the following volcanoes.


 Clicking on each volcano above will take you to the Global Volcanism Program and a brief biography of your volcano.

Step 2:  Chose your role. 


  1. Geologist- What makes your volcano tick?  You are responsible for researching the make up of the volcano.  What causes it to erupt?  What types of eruptions does it have?  What type of lava?  Etc.
  2. Ecologist- How has your volcano impacted the surrounding environment?  You are responsible for researching how your volcano's eruptions have impacted the atmosphere, wildlife, human actiity, soil, etc.
  3. Tour Guide- What makes your volcano unique?  You are responsible for your volcano's biography.  Where is it?  How big is it?  When has it erupted?  Safety. etc.

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