The Lost Boys of Sudan



As we continue to read, A Long Walk to Water, imagine that you are Salva or Nya. How would you feel? How would you survive the civil war, lack of food and water, and the constant fear of losing your family and friends? Would you continue to push on and fight for survival, or would you collapse and simply give up? As we watched the movie, 'Rebuilding Hope', we met three young Sudanese men who refused to give up. Through perseverance and hope, all three of these men survived and became part of a group of Sudanese men known as the Lost Boys of Sudan. They eventually found a safe haven in a Kenyan refugee camp called Kakuma. While they were there, they were adopted by American families and traveled to the United States where they received an education. After seven or eight years in America, each of them decided to return to Sudan to see what they could do to help their people and their country.

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