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   And....ACTION! Welcome to Hollywood! The town where stars are made. Making it here isn't easy, so you better be ready to prove yourself. As a movie director, I'm looking for new talent. I'm trying to make a new Sherlock Holmes film based off one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories about the detective. The only problem is I have no script and no actors. Can you help; can you "take the reins" of this production? You'll need a crew, camera, script, and the acting chops to match. It has to be 10 to 20 minutes long. The Sherlock Holmes stories take place in England during the Victorian Period, so you'll need to research that era. Once you read the story get all the information you need, get filming!

   While filming, ask yourself these questions: Are all main plot points from the story in the script? Is the script accurate with the story? Are the costumes, props, and settings in the script true to the time period? Does the script transition from scene to scene smoothly? Does the script make sense?

   I need the movie ready to show the film company in 2 weeks. So you better get a move on it. Ready? GO!

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