Holistic Assessment of a Cardiac Patient



     Working as a nurse you have the ability to view the patient as a whole person not just the problem the that caused the patient to present to the hospital. Please follow the hyperlink before continuing on......
     What does holistic health assessment mean to you? Have you heard nurses refer to a patient as "the MI in room 212"? Do you see your patient as a diagnosis or a whole person? What does the whole person mean? Does holistic assessmet mean you completed a head to toe assessment? When you graduate and are in the professional work force as a Registered Nurse how will you avoid becoming task oriented so that you will be a nurse who truly cares for your patient in a
holistic manner? This webquest will provide you with an inquiry based learning experience in which you will create a learning product to guide you to becoming a holistic nurse.
     The reality is as nurses we could someday be
caring for eachother. Do you want your nurse to refer to you by your diagnosis or by name? Do you want your nurse to understand what is important to you in planning your care? Or, would you prefer your nurse plans your care based on his/her own goals for you?

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