The Bacon Ham & Cheese Pizza Roll - Jade Robinson



The challenge of this project is to design a new, delicious, beautiful, menu item for the Devil Rock Cafe. I am doing this to demonstrate safety and sanitation in the kitchen. 

Brainstorm :
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Bacon, Ham, Cheese Pizza Rolls
  • Pineapple Pizza
  • Spinach Pizza 
  • Chicken Alfredo Pizza 
- How would I like it to look?
             *very simple on the outside. . not a lot going one . . but it had to have some color.
- What will i want it to taste like?
             *cheesy delightful square shaped product
- How much time would I like to have for the cooking process?
             *less than 40 minutes so I know I will get done.
- How much do I want it to cost?
             * $2.00 or less
- What kind of ingredients does mostly everyone like on pizza?
             *CHEESE ! no matter what , there is always cheese .

Specification :

  • Have some color to it
  • Cost less than $2.00
  • Less than 40 min to cook 
  • Cheesy 
  • nice & neat finished product


                            1         2   3    4       5   
under 4o min                                             
under 2$                             
nice & neat                                

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