e-commerce: Future or Failure: The Effects on Citizenship.



Humans have traded for hundreds of years, initially swapping goods and services or bartering. This progressed to money, which in turn advanced to credit cards and direct deposits. Humans can now transact from their homes via the web. In the following WebQuest, you will use the power of teamwork to learn all about e-commerce. Each person on your team will become an expert on some aspect of e-commerce. You will come together at the end to share and get a better understanding of e-commerce. It is here the fun begins where you will discuss and then create and manipulate data using excel to track e-commerce and it's effects on citizenship.

The sites below are important because they will provide basic information about the topic as a whole. Everyone should explore these sites before starting your Task.

Watch the You Tube video link below to give you an introduction to e-commerce.

All students then need to read the Definitions of Citizenship which will enable you to think critically about e-commerce and it's role in citizenship. It may be a good idea to take notes in your work book or copy this information and paste it into a word document for future reference.


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