Analytical Exposition : POLLUTION



Pollution means any contamination of airsoilwater and environment. The sources of pollution come from both natural and human actions. It causes instability, disorder, and discomfort to the ecosystem.

Pollution can be categorized into land, water and air pollution. For example, the smoke released from burning fuel from factories and cars, are the major sources of air pollution. Besides, our water gets polluted because of the dirty water from our house, which drains through the pipes into the rivers and oceans dirtying the water. At last, plastic and dirt causes land pollution.

Pollution has been found to present widely in many countries belonging to our country Indonesia. We know that Pollution in our country is increasing everyday that bring harmful effects to our life. Therefore, in this webquest, you are to investigate about pollutions and find the solutions on how to reduce them in order to save Indonesia from pollution.

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