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The Five Senses
This webquest is designed to be used to explore the five senses and make the students think critically to try to discover which sense they think is the best
Curriculum: Science Grade Level: K-2
Keywords: The Five Senses
Schooling in America 1860's-1950's
This webquest will focus on pages 34-46 in your blue coursebook and sites located on the internet.
Curriculum: Life Skills / Careers Grade Level: College / Adult
Keywords: history reconstruction women schooling reform african americans history of education Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois Factory Schools Segregation Plessy v. Ferguson Educational Policy Standardized Testing School Reform
An Introduction to webquests...
This isn't a proper webquest, but merely an example of how to use Zunal and the basic principles behind the components that a webquest is comprised of. This has been created for demonstration purposes for my class of aspiring elementary ed. sudents.
Curriculum: Professional Skills Grade Level: College / Adult
Keywords: Introduction to webquests and Zunal
National Landmarks
This webquest links some of the national landmarks referred to in the books about Paul Bunyan to websites that will provide students with the real facts about those landmarks.
Curriculum: English / Language Arts Grade Level: K-2
Keywords: tall tales and national landmarks
Changes Through Time
This webquest will give students the opportunity to go beyond telling time. Most students do not know the historical concept behind clocks and recording time. By using this webquest, students will investigate four differnt methods of recording time, analyze each method's purpose, and compare them to today's methods.
Curriculum: Math Grade Level: K-2
Keywords: Telling Time History of Time Changes through Time
Adventures of the Zoo
This webquest will take the students on an adventure about zoo animals. This webquest is relatated to Alabama Course of Study #4 - Students will be able to describe a variety of habitats and natural homes of animals. Students in first grade will have an insight on where animals came from and now live at our Montgomery Zoo. For this webquest, students will need a computer, internet services, and a class supply of books about animals.
Curriculum: Science Grade Level: K-2
Keywords: Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Australia
What is a Mineral?
This webquest is designed as a way for students to learn the basics of minerals and do an in depth study of one mineral of their choice. They will then use this information to teach their classmates, via a PowerPoint, about their chosen mineral
Curriculum: Science Grade Level: 6-8
Keywords: Earth Science, Minerals and Rocks
A webquest About webquests!
This webquest will inform you of the ins and outs of webquests.
Curriculum: Technology Grade Level: College / Adult
Keywords: webquest
The Space Traveller: Exploring the Planets
This webquest is about the eight major planets of the milky way galaxy.
Curriculum: Science Grade Level: 3-5
Keywords: Science, planets and galaxy
Polynomials and Rational Functions
This a webquest designed to help students learn and understand Polynomials and how to evaluate the fundamental operations, together with Rational functions, this webquest is filled of sujects accessed through hyperlinks to different websites and are filled with different exercises and games to help the students learn more and practice solving Polynomials
Curriculum: Life Skills / Careers Grade Level: 9-12
Keywords: Mathematics, Algebra, Polynomials, Synthetic Division, Remainder Theorem and and Rational Functions

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