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K-2 137 6 499 30 76 36 233 5 701 436 29
3-5 224 33 732 70 158 64 273 17 1272 1584 80
6-8 241 58 975 171 208 121 466 17 857 1497 137
9-12 340 357 1322 419 372 244 438 47 821 1037 173
College/Adult 168 147 351 310 159 116 67 276 234 314 343
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United States (10346)
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Indonesia (307)
Puerto Rico (296)
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Canada (243)
Turkey (198)
Trinidad and Tobago (184)
Poland (168)
Australia (168)
El Salvador (156)
Greece (146)
Panama (142)
Equador (124)
Argentina (120)
Venezuela (92)
Malta (92)
Fiji (87)
Portugal (78)
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Yugoslavia (14)
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United Arab Emirates (12)
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Tonga (4)
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Burundi (1)
Kenya (1)
Bhutan (1)
Qatar (1)
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Terri Lindstrom
Name: Terri Lindstrom
Location: Canyon Lake, Texas | Country: United States
Profession: Teacher
Education: Bachelor's from Juniata College and pursuing a Master's from Texas Woman's University
Personal Quote:
More: I have a fantastic husband and a wonderful 7 year old son. We love to spend time together at football games, reading, or playing board and card games.
Tracy  Morse
Name: Tracy Morse
Location: Allegan | Country: United States
Profession: Educational Program Director at Forever Curious Children's Museum
Education: BS: Elementary Curriculum, Integrated Science, and Language Arts from Eastern Michigan University
Personal Quote: This bridge will only take you halfway there, to those mysterious lands you long to see. Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fair, and moonlit woods where unicorns run free. So come and walk awhile with me and share the twisting trails and wondrous worlds I've known. But this bridge will only take you halfway there. The last few steps you have to take alone. ~Shel Silverstein
Roger Grape
Name: Roger Grape
Location: Austin, TX | Country: United States
Profession: School Librarian, Austin ISD
Education: BA, BJ, MSW, MLS
Personal Quote:
Nicole Scicolone
Name: Nicole Scicolone
Location: Marist College | Country: United States
Profession: Special Education Teacher
Personal Quote:
Alexis Stamos
Name: Alexis Stamos
Location: Marist College | Country: United States
Profession: Special Education Teacher
Personal Quote:
Patricia  Stryker
Name: Patricia Stryker
Location: Clark, NJ | Country: United States
Profession: 5th Grade Teacher
Education: Union County College, Kean University, Seton Hall University
Personal Quote: Isn't it lucky?
Michelle Seubert
Name: Michelle Seubert
Location: Colorado | Country: United States
Profession: Ed. Asst.
Personal Quote: If it has to be, then it is up to me!
Kiana Guertin
Name: Kiana Guertin
Location: Tacoma, Washington | Country: United States
Education: Two Years College (Associates Degree)
Personal Quote: Everyone is different, therefore we are all the same.
More: I currently work as a Membership and Administration Lead for the YMCA in Puyallup, Washington. I love working with people and am excited to get my degree in Secondary Education. I am so blessed to have the life God has provided for me so far, and I cannot wait to see what the future will be like. I only have one shot at life and I'm determined to love every second of it.
Tamika DeWese
Name: Tamika DeWese
Location: , Florida | Country: United States
Education: Certified Cosmetology & Nail Tech
Personal Quote: "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
More: Enjoy working with children. I currently work for the Marion County School Board, working with 5th grade students.
Amy Lindsay
Name: Amy Lindsay
Location: West Hartford | Country: United States
Profession: ESL Instructor
Personal Quote:
Kim Schrader
Name: Kim Schrader
Location: West Hartford | Country: United States
Profession: ESL Instructor
Personal Quote:
Taya Ferris
Name: Taya Ferris
Location: Lee | Country: United States
Profession: Licensed Nurse Assistant
Education: 3 years college and Licensed Nurse Assistant Certification
Personal Quote: Character is who you are when no one is looking.
More: I Work in an elementary school with second graders. I have the best of both worlds. I love being in the nursing field and working with children. I have three wonderful children who remind me every day how precious life is.
Valerie Hoffman
Name: Valerie Hoffman
Location: Wisconsin | Country: United States
Profession: Wife, Mom, and Teacher
Education: Grand Canyon University
Personal Quote: Blast!
Glory/ Gloria Routson-Gim-Belluardo
Name: Glory/ Gloria Routson-Gim-Belluardo
Location: Dayton, Ohio | Country: United States
Profession: Teacher/ Artist
Education: Livig Arts Center 70's, Cincinnati Art Academy 1980 & 1984 BFA, Edgecliff College, Xavier University Art Therapy,Liberal Arts, University of Cincinnati Master of Special Education,University of Dayton, Wright State University,Graduate studies to renew lic.
Personal Quote: Re-quest is for everyone to make connections, never underestimate yourself, everyone has their own stories, share them, Mission Statement-Encourage and inspire people of all ages and circumstances to experience art, share cultures, and connect with love and unity.
More: Be sure to see my Timeline.
Misty Hansen
Name: Misty Hansen
Location: Boise | Country: United States
Education: GCU student
Personal Quote: "Don't give it a rest until you'r goods better, and you'r better is best"
Avella Sutton
Name: Avella Sutton
Location: Burkburnett, Texas | Country: United States
Profession: Food Service Worker at Burkburnett Middle School/ Child Care Provider at Little World Learning Center
Education: Currently attending Grand Canyon University
Personal Quote: Better Safe than Sorry!
Jessica Gamboa
Name: Jessica Gamboa
Location: | Country: United States
Education: EED465N
Personal Quote:
Dana Dana
Name: Dana Dana
Location: Arizona | Country: United States
Profession: U.S. Government
Education: Master's level class
Personal Quote: My faith sees me through what my passions motivate me to do.
Nicole Necowitz
Name: Nicole Necowitz
Location: | Country: United States
Education: Grand Canyon University
Personal Quote: You are already at no, so it doesn't hurt to try.
More: Learning how to be the best teacher I can be!
Cheryl Bullard
Name: Cheryl Bullard
Location: Millbrook | Country: United States
Education: Bachelor of Science, 1995; Juris Doctor, 1998
Personal Quote: "Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do, and what is right to do." (Justice Potter Stewart)
Total Records: 10346
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