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Curriculum: Science | Grade Level: 9-12


Cloning: The Basics, History and Ethics of Cloning
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: During this WebQuest, students will be exposed to interactive expository texts that describe the basics of cloning, the history of cloning and the controversial applications of cloning. Students will simulate the procedure of laboratory cloning. Students will also formulate an opinion, supported by evidence, on the ethics of cloning endangered/extinct species.
Keywords:cloning, artificial cloning, natural twins, embryo, somatic cell, nuclear transfer, chromosomes, fertilization, endangered/extinct species, ethical, human responsibility and conservation
Author(s): Alexandra Byrne

The Enfield Park Project
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Students are city planners who have to design an eco-friendly park for the city of Enfield. Students must design the lay out of the park that includes plants that are native to the area, trails for people to use for both running and biking, and a play area for kids. Standards being assessed: Nextgen Standards HS-ESS3-1, HS-ESS3-2, and HS-LS2-7
Keywords:STEM, enviromental science, middle school science, engineering and mathematics
Author(s): Kelley Weiss

Λίμνη Κορώνεια
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Είμαστε προπτυχιακοί φοιτητές του Παιδαγωγικού Τμήματος Δημοτικής Εκπαίδευσης του...
Keywords:αποξήρανση, μόλυνση, υπεράντληση για γεωργική χρήση, γεωτρήσεις and έγχυση λημμάτων από βυρσοδεψία
Author(s): Dina Amanatidou

Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: In this webquest, students will explore the phases of Meiosis and the formation of gametes: sperm and egg. Students will also compare and contrast meiosis with mitosis.
Keywords:mitosis, meiosis, gametes, sperm, egg, diploid, haploid, sex cells, reproduction and fertilization
Author(s): Shannon Bales

Save the Lobstahs!
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Given your role, create a plan that will help to replenish and protect the lobster population of the Long Island Sound, without having devastating repercussions for local businesses.
Keywords:Conservation, Environment, Pollution, Lobsters, Fishing, Biology, Economy and Social Studies
Author(s): Sara Doble

Aparato digestivo humano
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: NOTICIA DE ÚLTIMA HORA. Buenos días, un grupo de amigas están a punto de ser devoradas. Por fin se va a hacer realidad el momento que tanto habían soñado desde que fueron plantadas. Pero, ¡atención! a una de ellas le ha dado un ataque patático y está en estado de shock. Aún no sabemos muy bien las causas. Antes del ataque, lo único que repetía como un mantra son las palabras: muelas, gástrico, pancreático y bilis. La palabra que le ocasionó el ataque patatónico, parece ser que fue: heces. ¿Le...
Keywords:digestión, ingesta, secreción de jugos and absorción.
Author(s): David Alba

Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Το θέμα "Μεταφορικά συστήματα" επιλέχτηκε από το βιβλίο μαθητή "Ηλεκτρική ενέργεια και...
Keywords:μεταφορικα συστηματα, επιγεια, εναερια, πλεουμενα, διαστημικα, εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας and επιπτώσεις στο περιβάλλον
Author(s): Eleni Rigopoulou

The Journey to the Human Ear
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: This WebQuest will help students the path sound travels and also the different structures in the ear that they will encounter and they functions of these structures.
Keywords:auditory canal, ear drum, cochlea, hearing, balance and oval window
Author(s): Asheka Daley

My Time in the Towns Called Cells
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: In this webquest students will visit the wonderful towns of animal and plant cell where they will discover the similarities and differences between them.
Keywords:Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Nucleus, Chloroplast, Cell Wall and Mitochrondria
Author(s): Melesha Masters- Wheatley

Красота природных явлений.
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Добро пожаловать! Во время посещения этого Веб-квеста вы узнаете много...
Keywords:физические явления and оптические явления
Author(s): Master Klass

Planeta Terra – Conhecer para preservar - Os Animais
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: No âmbito do desenvolvimento da temática do semestre: Planeta Terra - conhecer para preservar, os professores da disciplina de Ciências da Natureza convidam todos os alunos a realizar uma Webquest. Os alunos do 5ºano, deverão desenvolver o tema “Animais”. Com esta aventura na WEB pretende-se que os alunos obtenham uma série de conhecimentos e competências, nomeadamente: identificação de características morfológicas e fisiológicas, comparações, classificações e os cuidados para com os animais...
Keywords:animais, planeta, preservar, proteger and ajudar
Author(s): Luis Laranjeira

Ancient Tides: The Western Interior Seaway and the Cretaceous Period
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Explores the cretaceous period in the geologic time scale, specifically focusing on The Western Interior Seaway, and the geology created by this vast body of water.
Keywords:Geology, The Cretaceous Period, Geologic Time Scale and Earth Science
Author(s): Schyler Kline

Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis)
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: This webquest was designed to facilitate students learning of mitosis and meiosis. Explain the process involved at each type of cell division ( mitosis and meiosis) and,draw diagrams to illustrate each process.
Keywords:gametes, chromosomes, mitosis, meiosis, haploid and diploid
Author(s): Marinda Samuel

Forensics Glass Analysis
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: To understand how glass evidence is used to help piece together a crime scene.
Keywords:Refractive Index, Becke Lines, Match Point and Blow-back.
Author(s): Marvin Randle

Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Cuando estudiamos el movimiento rectilíneo uniforme, lo primero que nos preguntamos ¿cuál es su aplicación en la vida real?. en esta WebQuest trataremos de ilustrar mucho las aplicaciones.
Keywords:movimiento, velocidad, constante and aplicación
Author(s): Oscar Andres

The Water Cycle
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: This web quest is geared to enhance the learners knowledge about the water cycle and the processes the cycle goes through everyday. It will all give an estimate as to how much on the earth is made up of water.
Keywords:water, cycle, vapour, rain, sea, lakes and condensation.
Author(s): Mauryse Bertrand, Navleekha Gunness

Hey You, What's your Story?
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: In this WebQuest you will learn about the Amazing Human Body.
Keywords:Living Environment, Body systems, Human Body and Homeostasis
Author(s): Samara Phillip

Animals In Zoo
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: animals in zoo which are in Darıca Hayvanat Bahçesi
Keywords:animals, animals in zoo and zoo
Author(s): Yasemin Aydemir

Introduction to biochemistry
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Organic vs inorganic compounds. Carbohydrates and nucleic acids.
Keywords:Organic, inorganic, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.
Author(s): Nat Spata

Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Your mission is to become a expert on specific volcanoes located around the world, and become a master tour guide.
Keywords:Earth Science & Volcanoes
Author(s): Nick Allison

Chemistry: exploring the atom, the ion, and isotopes
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: This webquest will help high school students in an introductory Chemistry class analyze the structure of atoms and understand what ions and isotopes are.
Keywords:protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic mass number, atomic mass, electron orbitals and charge
Author(s): Shana Chapel

De la Tierra a la Luna
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Movimientos de la Tierra y la Luna. Fenómenos que se originan.
Keywords:Planeta. Satélite. Traslación. Rotación. Fases lunares.
Author(s): Raquel Rodriguez

Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Θα μάθετε να εντοπίζετε στην υδρόγειο τους μεγαλύτερους ποταμούς και τις μεγαλύτερες λίμνες...
Keywords:ποταμοί, λίμνες, νερό and πηγή.
Author(s): Stella Mouxiou

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Insects are invertebrate animals whose bodies are divided into three parts. Insects have three pairs of legs and one pair of antennae.While insects are classified by these specific characteristics, all insects do not have the same life cycle. Let's explore and learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.
Keywords:life cycle, butterfly, egg, caterpillar and chrysalis
Author(s): Vanessa Stuart

Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Esta WebQuest está elaborada para brindar informaciones acerca del tratamiento y manejo de residuos sólidos en la comunidad de Sabana Grande y el centro educativo Carlos Soriano Díaz, a fin de aportar una solución sana al tratamiento de los desperdicios sólidos.
Author(s): Dersis Serrano

The Circulatory System I
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Take a trip inside the heart and see how the blood flows through.
Keywords:Heart, Aorta, RBC, Ventricles and Artium
Author(s): Marvin Randle

Fibers vs. Hairs
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Fibers and hairs are used in many cases. But can be confusing. To make sure that you understand difference between the two, you will break it down and explain the differences. By making a collage of all types of fibers and the structure of hair.
Keywords:Circumstantial evidence and Use of hair and fibers
Author(s): Jalize Mejia

Chemistry: Atoms and Ions
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Atoms and Ions are one of the most challenging topics in chemistry. Its hard for you to understand how when its an atom compared to an ion. Also difficult to change an atom to an ion and vice versa. This presentation will show you how easy atoms and ions flow with each other and its not as hard as it seems. By the end you will be able to explain both the meaning of an ion and atom and their relationship.
Keywords:chemistry, protons, electron, atoms, ions, positive charge and negative charge
Author(s): Racquel Clarke

Bewusster Fleischkonsum
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: Bewusster Fleischkonsum, ein Thema das alle angeht. Dieses WebQuest soll Schüler und Schülerinnen dazu anregen, über den eigenen Fleischkonsum aus verschiedenen Perspektiven nachzudenken und bietet die Gelegenheit sich mit Ernährungsalternativen zu befassen.
Keywords:Alternative Ernährungsmethoden, Fleischkonsum, Tierhaltung, Ökologie, Ernährungslehre and Gesundheit
Author(s): Manuela Mayer-rundel, Sara Pieper, Martina Buhl

The Human Teeth
Curriculum: Science
Grade Level: 9-12
Description: How to care for the human teeth
Keywords:Human teeth
Author(s): Yanique Mitchell

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