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Curriculum: Mathematics | Grade Level: 6-8


Shaq Vs. You
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: As students practice their back spin on the the hardwood they will learn how to calculate percentages using decimals and fractions. Students will graph their results and estimate using their data. They will use information gathered on the web to determine if they can shoot freethrows better than Shaq. And finally they will learn the importance of a large sample size when working with data.
Keywords:Shaq, Percentage, Stats, Graphing and Basketball
Author(s): Caleb Bryce

Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Do you really understand adding and subtracting fractions? Students will brainstorm and write a narrative pargraph describing the prolem and use the area model of fractions to solve the problem.
Keywords:Denominator, numerator, fractions and and equivalent fractions
Author(s): Yolanda Lewis

Football Math
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Welcome to the Mathematics in Football WebQuest page. Today you will be exploring how math is a major factor in NCAA Football. You will determine many factors that play into your team making a BCS National Championship run!! So strap up your helmet and get pumped to play!!!
Keywords:Season/game statistics, average attendance, toughness of schedule, team record and rankings
Author(s): Ben Thayer

Butterfly or a fruit garden?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This Webquest teaches students higher level of thinking by drawing upon math lessons learned in geometry. The students will draw a blueprint of a butterfly or a fruit garden within a budget and complete an excel spreadsheet.
Keywords:Number sense, concepts & operations, measurement, geometry, spatial sense, proportional relationships, excel spreadsheet, butterflies, fruit, salary and brainstroming.
Author(s): Anne Hyvönen

El desierto de trigo
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Estaremos trabajando con el cuento: Malditas matemáticas: Alicia en el País de los Números de Carlo Frabetti. Especialmente nos concentraremos en su octavo capítulo: El desierto de trigo.
Keywords:Secuencias geométricas...
Author(s): Yarimed Forty Gálvez

Celebrity Charity Concert
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students become an assistant to a music celebrity of their choice. Students explore linear equations and use them in areas such as transportation and hall rental. Students calculate costs and profit made. Finally, they decide what technology resources they can purchase from the money and donate to a school. Author: Cresci, Cheryl
Keywords:math linear equations technology algebra
Author(s): Cheryl Cresci

Determining Deer Population
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: The New Harmony State Park needs to find an approximate number of deer that are living within the park prior to the start of deer hunting season to know how much hunting can be allowed.
Keywords:area, population size, approximation and average
Author(s): Sarah Hall

Fraction Applications
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Fraction addition, multiplication, division, finding of equivalent fractions, etc.
Keywords:fraction, equivalent fraction, fraction addition and fraction subtraction
Author(s): Arvin Kotrri

GOLDEN PROPORTION: The Quest for Fibonacci
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This is an exploration of mathematical occurrences in everyday life using the Fibonacci sequence
Keywords:Fibonacci, Golden Spiral, Golden Ratio and Golden Proportion
Author(s): S Bailey

The Truth Behind Truth Tables: An Introduction to Propositional Logic
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Propostional logic and truth tables are usually introduced to ninth grades students. They may continue to see this concept until graduate school. This Webquest will give an introductory lesson on this subject made especially for middle school students. The overall goal of this lesson will be to give and introduction to the topic and have students understand, complete and ultimately create valid truth tables of their own.
Keywords:statements, connectives, negation, disjunction, conjunction, conditional, biconditional, inference, truth value, truth table, proposition and variable
Author(s): Tasia Johnson

Pizza Fractions- How much pizza do you want for your lunch?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: I have been tutoring Mathematics for a year and half, I find most students came to me for the fraction problems. Therefore, I want to show students how to recognize different types of fractions and help them to understand how to add,subtract with two fractions. Do you like eating pizza? Many people like eating pizza, and me too. Therefore, let's use pizza to help us understand fractions.
Keywords:Math-Fractions-Denominators-Numerators-Additions-Subtractions-Improper Fractions-Mixed Numbers-Pizza
Author(s): Shaoshao Yang

Ratios & Proportions: Blueprinting Our Classroom

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest is meant to introduce proportional relationships to and encourage the use and solving of proportions. You will be discovering proportional relationships and using their new skills and knowledge of proportions and scale to shrink down the actual measurements of your classroom. The discovery process involves the use of online games, research, reading, physical activity, connections to the real world and drawing.

Author: Ng, Elizabeth

Grade Level:...
Keywords:math, ratio, proportion, measurement, blueprint, geometry, arithmetic, cross-product, cross-multiply, fraction, activity and connections

Author(s): Elizabeth Ng

Equivalent Fractions
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Underlying process and mathematical tools: generate equivalent forms of rational numbers including whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Also 6.11.A, 6.12A
Keywords:fraction, equivalent fraction, simplify and greatest common factor
Author(s): Tilla Baldwin

Fun with Fractals
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This webquest is designed for middle school students to learn about fractals, both the basic math behind them and the artistic side of fractals.
Keywords:math, fractals, fractions and Sierpinski triangle
Author(s): Cyndy Traverso

Design Your Own Survey
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest is a step by step guide to help students create their own mini survey and then draw their own conclusions by means of Tally Charts, Frequency Tables and Bar Charts.
Keywords:Survey Design, Charts, Mean, Mode and Median and Range.
Author(s): Julian Cardona

Are we there yet?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: You and your family are taking a family vacation. Your parents are to busy and need help getting important budget information. help your parents plan the best road trip ever.
Keywords:math and vacation
Author(s): Paul Waltman

Malba Tahan - Matemática Divertida e Curiosa
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Malba Tahan um professor de matemática com concepções muito a frente de seu tempo.
Keywords:matemática, Malba Tahan and o homem que calculava
Author(s): Marcos José Rocha

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Researching Pythagoras through history, research, demonstration and application of the theorem named for him.
Keywords:triangle Pythagoras, Pythagorean Theorem, geometry, math, trigonometry, precalculus, Pythagorean Triples and netiquette
Author(s): Tracy Ann Therese

Cupcake Frenzy!
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: It's your best friends birthday, and she loves cupcakes! You and two other friends promised her the best cupcakes ever and you will deliver!
Keywords:cupcakes, mathematics and recipes
Author(s): Jennifer Habel

Binary Systems: A Matter of Place Value
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: You will investigate place value in differnt ancient number sysyems and take what you have learned with the knowledge you already have on place value and perform operations in a base two number system.
Keywords:Place Value, Ancient Numeration Systems and Binary Numeration Systems
Author(s): Tricia Mcdonald

Investigating Linear Equations
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: A linear equation, no matter how complicated can be made much easier by following some very simple rules. This site is at its heart, all about mastering those simple rules and learning how to apply them to our linear equations.
Keywords:linear equations, order of operations and mathematical properties
Author(s): Allison Garner

Animal Silly Bands
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest is designed to help middle school mathematics students understand the Binary Number System. Students will use what they know and learn about the Binary Number System to help a local bracelet manufacturer figure out which Animal Silly Band machine has broken down.
Keywords:Binary Number System
Author(s): Jennifer Schnitzer

Travel into Twilight
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This is a Quest to count the steps taken as you enter the town of Forks posing as a character from Twilight, the movie. By creating exponential equations with the numbers shown on the map, and adding those solutions together, calculating the total steps taken will be solved.
Author(s): Andrea Kirk

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Se podran resolver operaciones matematicas, para niños.
Keywords:Matematicas para niños.
Author(s): Karla Dominguez

Function Families
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: In this Webquest, you will investigate six different function families. You will explore how the function families are related to each other, and how they are used in practical applications.
Keywords:Functions, Function Families, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Exponential, Square Root and Trigonometric
Author(s): Nicole Slosser

Como hacer de las gráficas, una tarea divertida
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Bienvenidos al WebQuest en donde podrás hacer de las gráficas, una tarea divertida. Te invito a que seas parte de esta gran aventura.
Keywords:J D M F
Author(s): Jullissette Maldonado

Past, Present, and Future Temperatures
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: In this webquest, you will analyze temperature data for a specific date, and discover whether or not this is a good method to predict future the future temperature on this date. Image from www.widgets.yahoo.com
Keywords:math, scatter plot and data
Author(s): Kelly Dubbs

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students will identify and describe transformations in the world around them. Students will also create transformations from a given object.
Keywords:transformations, translations, rotations, reflections and dilations
Author(s): Denise Talbott

Can You Crack the Code?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students will be introduced to an intriquing field that is heavily rooted in mathematics - cryptology. Students will experience encoding and decoding messages.
Keywords:Math, Cryptology, Codes and Computer Science
Author(s): Fenecia Homan

Uses of Data & Data Representations
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest will give 8th grade math students the opportunity to learn from the data representation resources that are available on the internet.
Keywords:data, data representation, graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs, histograms, box-and-whisker plots, line plots, mean, median and mode
Author(s): Jake Miller

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