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Curriculum: Mathematics | Grade Level: 6-8


Animal Silly Bands
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest is designed to help middle school mathematics students understand the Binary Number System. Students will use what they know and learn about the Binary Number System to help a local bracelet manufacturer figure out which Animal Silly Band machine has broken down.
Keywords:Binary Number System
Author(s): Jennifer Schnitzer

Travel into Twilight
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This is a Quest to count the steps taken as you enter the town of Forks posing as a character from Twilight, the movie. By creating exponential equations with the numbers shown on the map, and adding those solutions together, calculating the total steps taken will be solved.
Author(s): Andrea Kirk

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Se podran resolver operaciones matematicas, para niños.
Keywords:Matematicas para niños.
Author(s): Karla Dominguez

Function Families
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: In this Webquest, you will investigate six different function families. You will explore how the function families are related to each other, and how they are used in practical applications.
Keywords:Functions, Function Families, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Exponential, Square Root and Trigonometric
Author(s): Nicole Slosser

Como hacer de las gráficas, una tarea divertida
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Bienvenidos al WebQuest en donde podrás hacer de las gráficas, una tarea divertida. Te invito a que seas parte de esta gran aventura.
Keywords:J D M F
Author(s): Jullissette Maldonado

Past, Present, and Future Temperatures
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: In this webquest, you will analyze temperature data for a specific date, and discover whether or not this is a good method to predict future the future temperature on this date. Image from www.widgets.yahoo.com
Keywords:math, scatter plot and data
Author(s): Kelly Dubbs

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students will identify and describe transformations in the world around them. Students will also create transformations from a given object.
Keywords:transformations, translations, rotations, reflections and dilations
Author(s): Denise Talbott

Can You Crack the Code?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students will be introduced to an intriquing field that is heavily rooted in mathematics - cryptology. Students will experience encoding and decoding messages.
Keywords:Math, Cryptology, Codes and Computer Science
Author(s): Fenecia Homan

Uses of Data & Data Representations
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest will give 8th grade math students the opportunity to learn from the data representation resources that are available on the internet.
Keywords:data, data representation, graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs, histograms, box-and-whisker plots, line plots, mean, median and mode
Author(s): Jake Miller

The Gift
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This webquest will help us to create a gift for a retiring teacher. We will be making a class quilt. Through this process, you will work with a partner to explore history through quilt making, discover how a quilt is made, and use your knowledge of geometry and measurement to create a square to add to the class quilt.
Keywords:polygon, quadrilateral, geometry, measurement, color wheel, time line, process map and sewing
Author(s): Michelle Goldberg And Patie Meyer

Meet Your Mathematician
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students will be assigned a mathematician and will work in groups to find out about the lives and discoveries of the mathematician. The information will be used to create a PowerPoint presentation for the class. The team will then present their PowerPoint to the class.
Keywords:Math, mathematician, middle school, first week project, PowerPoint, webquest, exploration, Einstein, Archimedes, Euclid, Fibonacci, Hawking, Pascal, Pythagoras, Newton and science
Author(s): Nicola Hodgson

Exploring Fractions
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest is designed to help students see a visual representation of fractions and where they appear on a number line.
Keywords:Fractions, Number lines and Math
Author(s): Kristin Zeller

Let's have fun with baking and fractions!
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions is important in learning math. In this project, students will use their skills and knowledge about fractions and apply them in a real world problem. The WebQuest will have students learn how to add, subtract fractions in their cooking.
Keywords:cooking, baking, number, fractions, addition fractions, subtraction fractions, multiply fraction and divide fraction
Author(s): Tran Ngo

Aprendiendo matemáticas con un niñito llamado Pitágoras
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Lecciones educativas para la enseñanza del teorema de Pitágoras en sexto grado.
Keywords:pitágoras, triángulo recto and teorema
Author(s): Christian Rodríguez Hernández

The World of Geometrical Shapes
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Circles, triangles and parallelograms, the perfect geometrical shapes, have been present in the human history since the beginnings of time, creating a brotherhood between mankind and geometrical forms.This WebQuest will lead us into the geometrical forms world, begun 300 B.C.E by the greek philosophers, reaching the zenith in Euclid of Alexandria, Known as "the leading mathematic teacher of antiguity" or perhaps of all time, who compiled the existent knowledge in Geometry and its applications...
Keywords:Axioms, postulates, definitions and mathematical probes calculation.
Author(s): Silvia Castellanos

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Delante de tí tienes un instrumento que facilitará la comprensión de tús primeros procesos de factorización, denominados FACTOR COMUN MONOMIO Y POLINOMIO. A través de esta Webquest, llegarás al conocimiento de los mismos por tú propia persona. ADELANTE........
Keywords:factor, elementos, descomposición and álgebra.
Author(s): Viron Serpas

Vacation Time
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This webquest will have students researching how to plan a vacation. The students will act as travel agents and plan 2 different vacation packages to compare prices for customers.
Keywords:Math Vacation
Author(s): Crystal Cardona

A Peace of PI
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Pi has been discovered as far back as 2000 B.C. by the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian mathematicians, and has been explored by ancient Chinese and Greek civilizations as well. We're going to be exploring the irrational number PI, just like these ancient mathematicians, its origins, its use in geometry, and its possible uses in the real world. We will split up into groups, and EXPLORE!
Keywords:pi, irrational numbers, areas, circumference, diameter, radius, circles and geometry.
Author(s): Paul Kagianaris

Road Trip
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Students will plan a vacation within the United States given a budget of $1000.
Keywords:Proportional reasoning, Unit price, Unit rate, math and seventh grade
Author(s): Fahima Ahmed
Can Statistics Really Lie?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest requires students to take a critical look at statistics that are related to the human body to find if they are telling the whole story or if they are misleading to those who do not look that deep into what they are reading. Current Grade Level Used In: 8th .
Keywords:Math Statistics WebQuest
Author(s): Kyle Weyeneth

I Can Learn INTEGERS - Yes, I CAN!!!
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This is a fun and interactive way of learning how to perform operations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) with integers. Helping YOU build a strong foundation dealing with integers will instrumental in helping you understand future concepts in Algebra.
Keywords:add, subtract, multiply, divide, integers, positive, negative, opposites, addends and and absolute value.
Author(s): Katrina Stubbs

Coaster Crazy--A Roller Coaster Webquest
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This WebQuest is about the physics and mathematics behind roller coaster design. Students will create a product to demonstrate their understanding at the end of the WebQuest.
Keywords:Velocity, Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Transfer of Energy, Acceleration, Constant Speed, Force, Friction, Inertia, Momentum, Negative Acceleration, Slope, Scale Model, Length, Width and Height
Author(s): Christi Estey

Geometry of Monuments
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This webquest is an exploration of the area and volume of world monuments. Students will create their own monument during this project.
Keywords:geometry, area, surface, footprint, volume, monument, world, architecture, scale and model
Author(s): Shelley Burnside

DIY: Math Edition
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: In this webquest students will recieve a certain amount of land and money. They will work in groups to design a new building of their choice that they think will help benefit the community. Also, they will have to manage their money on an Excel document and be able to pay for all of the materials they use.
Keywords:design building managing money area perimeter
Author(s): Meagan Wright

Variable Treasure Hunt
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: This is an introduction to solving basic variable equations with negative numbers.
Keywords:variable, variables, equation, equations, solve, solving, negatives, introduction, math and algebra
Author(s): Cheryl Jackowski

High Speed Railways: A Change We Can Believe In?
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: In Recent News President Barack Obama has brought up the possibility of a nationwide railway system. Currently the United States relies on the automobile, however, President Obama would like to transition to a high speed railway system for environmental and economic reasons. This WebQuest investigates President Obama's plan, through a railway system to better our environment, conserve our natural resources and stimulate the the United States economy.
Keywords:High Speed Rail Network Environment Natural Resources Economic Automobile President Barack Obama
Author(s): Amy Winter

Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Este webquest está basado en las medidas de tendencia central las cuales son: Moda, Mediana y Media (Promedio). El estudiante deberá hallar las diferentes medidas en diferentes sistemas de ecuaciones.
Keywords:Matemáticas and medidas de tendencia central
Author(s): Yeidi Diaz

Geometric symmetry and the Kaleidoscope Roller Coaster
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Many things in the world are symmetrical. They contain line symmetry, rotational symmetry, or a combination of the two. Do you have a creative mind? Can you create a symmetrical design? If so, you could win a chance to have your picture and design logo published in the school paper and/or local paper. Plus everyone who participates will win '100 Grand' for their hard work. So what are you waiting for? Continue on so you can create a design that could become as well known as the Golden...
Keywords:line symmetry, rotational symmetry and reflection
Author(s): Robekah Warner

Pythagoras' Theorem
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Most people have heard of Pythagoras and know that is something to do with geometry but not much else? Many of the things that we take for granted such as satellite navigation, mobile telephones and air travel all use the principles that Pythagoras proved over two thousand year ago. Once you understand the principles of this simple theory then you can use it to calculate things such as measuring triangles, calculating distances and many other things that you haven’t even thought about...
Author(s): Lizardo Naranjo

My diagram house
Curriculum: Math
Grade Level: 6-8
Description: Prepare data recolection and performance diagram of your house. Use area formula
Keywords:Diagram, area, measurement and legend
Author(s): Sergio Leal

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