What is THEME?

Author: Jessica Massey Memphis
DescriptionThis webquest is designed to give you a better understanding of theme and how you can find it in stories that you read.
Grade Level 6-8
Curriculum English / Language Arts


Today you and your partner are literary detectives. You've been hired by a client and you're now on the hunt for the often elusive THEME. You're going to read several stories that the client has found for you and work through the theme-finding steps that you learned in class the other day. Your client is truly interested in theme, so make sure to list the steps that show how you go about finding theme!


Assignment: You and your ever-ready partner are to read and analyze three stories that your client needs to know the theme of. He is very curious about how you will find the theme, so he wants you to write down the three steps that you follow (1. What's the conflict, 2. What's the resolution, 3. What did the character learn) and the answers to those three questions. Remember, after you answer the three questions, you need to bring all of those answers together to find the theme! By the end of this WebQuest, you will turn in a piece of paper with your name on it to your client's assistant (your teacher) that looks like this:Theme WebQuest- Story title #1 -1. What is the conflict? ________2. What is the resolution? ________3. What did the characters learn? ________4. Theme: ________- Story title #2 -*Helpful Hint: Theme must always be written in the form of a complete sentence!


You can see below that I have listed the process that you should follow while completing your WebQuest. For each story there are 5 steps. They are listed below, so please follow them! If you need a reminder of what your paper is supposed to look like, feel free to go back to the "Task" page.Story 11. Read the story by clicking the link Noble Gnarble below (1 under Resources).2. Discuss the conflict and write down what you think the conflict of the story is.3. Discuss the resolution and write down what you think the resolution to the conflict is.4. Discuss what the character learned and write down what you think the character has       learned from the conflict and the resolution.5. Analyze all of those parts and, together, decide what the theme of the story is.Story 21. Read the story by clicking the link Invisible Alligator below (3 under Resources).2. Follow the same steps as you did in Story 1 from here on.Story 31. Read the story by clicking the link The Littlest Knight below (2 under Resources).2. Follow the same steps as you did in Story 1 from here on.

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Now that you have finished your assignment, I'm sure that your client has a better understanding of theme and the process behind finding it! Please, for your client's benefit though, write one thing about today's work that you enjoyed at the bottom of your paper. Thank you!

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This WebQuest is designed to help students understand theme. I have them run through three stories so that they can really put into practice the steps involved in finding the theme of a story. This activity aligns with Tennessee state standards and our county's pacing guide as well.