1960s Flashback: Into the World of The Outsiders

Author: Erin C Suburban Middle
DescriptionThis webquest encourages students to explore the 1960s by providing them with important background information for understanding the context of The Outsiders.
Grade Level 6-8
Curriculum English / Language Arts


Hello! You are about to travel back in time to world very different from that which you live in today. It was a simpler time, before video games, cell phones, or even computers. Although the 1960's were very different from what you are used to growing up with, you will probably be surprised at how well you can relate to, understand, and even learn from the characters in S.E. Hintonís novel The Outsiders. You will explore everything from 60's music and fashion to government, cars and even gang life.


What was it like living in the 1960's? Your task is to gain knowledge of the early 1960's culture in order to better understand and connect with the characters in The Outsiders. Using the webistes provided on the Process page, you will be asked to explore all aspects of the 60s. This process will take some time, as you will be asked to do some investigative work finding specific facts and details about important people, events, and activities of the decade.


Part of this activity will be individual work and part will be done in groups. Follow the directions below and get ready to have some fun! PART 1 Open a Word document and put your heading in the top right corner. Save your document as 1960s Webquest. Use the following links to find a picture of a madras shirt. Paste the picture in your word document.  http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=157242 ; http://www.fiftiesweb.com/fashion/1960s-fashion-pants.htm Search the following sites for a picture of a 50's/60's male pompadour. Paste the picture in your word document.  http://coolmenshair.com/search?q=pompadour  Use the following links to find pictures of a Corvair and a Corvette. Paste and label each picture.  http://oldcarandtruckpictures.com/Corvair/   http://www.mustangdreams.com/mdconvert.htm Use Google Search Engine to search for a picture of a 'young' Paul Newman. Paste the picture in your word document and write a brief (1 sentence) description of who he was and what he did.   PART 2: Now, use the website links below to complete the following tasks: List 5 bands that were popular during the early to mid 1960ís. List 5 popular T.V. shows from the 1960ís. Write the names of two presidents in the 1960ís. Find the prices of 6 commonly used items in the 1960ís. List five popular toys from the 1960ís. Read about greasers and write a brief summary of the 1950's/1960ís greaser subculture. What are some reasons why a teenager might join a gang in the 60's? What were gangs like in the 1960ís? List 5 slang words with their definitions. List 3 major world events from the 1960's. RESOUCES: Greasers Subculture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greaser_(subculture) 50s & 60s Toys http://www.his-forever.com/50s_toys.htm 60s Fashion  http://www.fiftiesweb.com/fashion/1960s-fashion-pants.htm http://www.fashion-era.com/the_1960s_mini.htm 60s Slang http://cougartown.com/slang.html 1960s Gangs http://www.gripe4rkids.org/his.html http://www.gangsorus.com/gang_history.html http://www.knowgangs.com/gang_resources/gangs101/info_001.htm TV in the 1960s http://www.tvparty.com/fall1.html 1960s Timeline http://www.kyrene.k12.az.us/schools/brisas/sunda/decade/1960.htm World Events http://deepspace.jpl.nasa.gov/dsn/history/1960s.html 60s Pop Music http://www.popculturemadness.com/Music/Pop-Modern/1960.html History http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=4993 Facts & Events http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1960s.html http://www.auroraontheweb.com/east66/1966/66econ.html http://www.wgeneration.com/1960.html  

Total Score:
  Below Basic- 2 Basic- 5 Proficient- 8 Advanced- 10 Score
No evidence of an attempt to complete the task Student made an attempt but information is incomplete Student put forth obvious effort but may have one or two mistakes Student completely and accurately completed task with no mistakes _____/10
No attempt was made to answer questions An effort was made to complete some questions Task was completed but with some mistakes Task is completed with effort and no mistakes _____/ 10
The final product has so many spelling, grammar, and/or formatting errors that they distract from the content. The final product has many spelling, grammar,and/orformatting errors but do not interfere with understanding. The final product has a couple spelling, grammar and/or formatting errors. The final product is free from spelling, grammar and formatting errors. _____/10
Student was not on task or focused during class and distracted others from doing work Student was occasionally on task but did not fully utilize class time to complete activity Student was mostly on task with occasional social distractions Student always used class time effectively to complete activity. _____/ 10
Total Score: ___/ 40


Now that you have immersed yourself in the 1960's culture, you are ready to dive into the world of The Outsiders... Please print your document and hand it in.

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All of the resources you should need to execute this WebQuest are embeded within. I do not feel there is anything additional needed.