Road Trip with 4G in the Southeast Region of the United States

DescriptionStudents will work in groups to plan a trip to two or three states within the Southeast Region of the United States. Students will be responsible for including important cities, landmarks such as National Parks, and tourist attractions in their itinerary. The student groups will use a variety of websites to help plan daily stops, cost of travel including meals, lodging, and activities throughout their travels. Students will be assessed via a final project consisting of a glogster showcasing their groups' trip through pictures, written word, and important facts and information learned through their research..
Grade Level 3-5
Curriculum Social Studies


     The Tisbury School 4th grade are recipients of $50,000 from a generous island donor to take a trip to the Southeast Region of the United States. Mr. Custer, our school's principal, realized after he said yes to the gift that there is only enough for one class to go. He loves the students in both classes so much that he couldn't choose between the two. Instead, he is challenging the students in each fourth grade classroom to gather as much research as they can about the states in this area. Whichever classroom presents the most thorough presentation of the states and all the wonderful experiences the students could have as they travel from Martha's Vineyard to the Southeast Region of the United States wins the trip of their dreams!


You and your classmates will work together in small groups to research, investigate, and discover as much as you can about the states in the Southeast Region specifically assigned to your group. Together you will explore places to visit in your states such as landmarks, attractions, monuments or important buildings. Once you have gathered your information your team will work together to plan and create a glogster site showcasing your states' information. Highlights will include the specific places, buildings, monuments, or attractions you learned about during your research. Glogsters will be presented during class time.


 1: Students will decide on roles for each member of the group as follows:      Organizer- this person is keep all paperwork together for the group  when the planning sessions end each class day.      Planner: this student will lead the group helping to assign tasks, track progress, sort out any difficulties in product or members.     Designer: student will collate information gathered into sections to be used on glogster.      Master of Ceremony: This student will present finished glogster to the class.  While each of the group members has a specific job, all group members will work together gathering research of their states for the final project. 2: Groups will choose from the sorting hat two states which they will be in charge of researching for the project 3: Students will read first read National Geographics' The Southeast book and gather information on their states then view the accompanying video (classroom activity). 4: Students will use a variety of online resources to research and gather information on travel, accommodations, state landmarks, historic buildings, tourist attractions, cultural experiences, and state's history.  5: Once all students have participated in the research process together they will narrow down the top five places to visit, stay, and mode of transportation while visiting their states as well as the plan on how they will travel to their states. 6: When students have narrowed their choices they will decide on their final travel itinerary and plan how this will be presented on the glogster.7: Students will map out plan on paper of what information each student will include on the glogster.  8: Glogsters will be presented to the class!

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Using technology to enhance your learning is not only fun, but also an important skill. Every opportunity for technology to be present in lessons will strengthen skills and understanding of not only content, but of product. This webquest gives students time to explore a region of the United States that may be unfamiliar to them. Not everyone is able to travel extensively, by using the internet students are able to "travel to via the web", learn about, and perhaps someday visit these states and enjoy seeing in real life what they were learning about in their classroom.

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This webquest is a final project for a technology class which is part of a master's program I am currently enrolled in. Earlier in the year, another course I took exposed mefor the first time to webquests. An opportunity to put one together had not been available until now. I spent countless hours perusing a variety of webquests and have credited two below that gave me the format/style for mine. The variety of webquests available are endless and inspiring. This webquest should take approximately two weeks from start to finish. Most importantly, as I tell my students all the time we have to become comfortable with using technology and this is my first example!