Travel to China

Author: Theresa DeCroix Florida
DescriptionStudents will be planning a two week vacation to China through working with a budget, figuring out the sites and landmarks they want to see, and compiling their findings in a itinerary.
Grade Level 6-8
Curriculum Social Studies


If you could plan a two-week vacation to China, how would you go about planning that? How much money would you need to put aside for air fare/hotel fare? What would you want to see while you were there? Would you want to visit the Great Wall of China or see the palace where the Emperor used to live? Would you want to learn more about the culture, music, or the people? When would you go and what would you bring considering weather patterns?


For this assignment, you will be working either individually or in pairs to create a two-week vacation for your trip to China. You will be given a set budget and you cannot go over that budget. The specific details for this assignment are outlined in the Process section.You will have four parts to this assignment which will be given the same point value for each. The total point value for the entire assignment is worth 100 points. The five parts are as follows:1. Compare/Contrast Travel Sites2. Itinerary Worksheet3. Budget Worksheet4. Map of the Places you will be staying and visiting on your tripContinue to the Process Section to learn the specific details of each of the listed points above.


As stated in the Task section, there are FOUR parts to this assignment. 1. Compare/ Contrast Travel Sites: For this part of the assignment, you will be looking at three travel sites listed in this WebQuest. You will first have to decide what time of year you would like to travel and set dates for a two-week time frame. Keep in mind weather patterns and conditions as well as budget will determine your choice of vacation. You will be given a worksheet to fill out for the sites. You will need to put your plane ticket and hotel together in order for it to be successful. I will demonstrate how best to use the travel sites in class.2. Itinerary Worksheet: For the second part of the assignment, you will be mapping out exactly what you will be doing each day of your vacation. Keep in mind that you will be on a plane for x-amount of days and you may want to have a day or two in at the hotel. You may not have the funds to go to every landmark in China. You have to keep your budget in mind while completing this worksheet.3. Budget Worksheet: In this worksheet, you will record all your decisions and calculate how much money you can spend over the course of your vacation. I strongly caution you not to go over budget for it will cause financial problems which we will discuss at the end of the assignment. Try to stay on budget. If you are under budget, that is great and you will have extra money to spend on souvenirs and food, which is ultimately a factor you have to consider as well.4. Map Worksheet: The last item for this assignment is labeling the map. I want to see the route that you have planned to travel. Where the plane will drop and pick you up, where your hotel will be stationed, what landmarks you plan to see and how far you will have to travel to get there, etc. You can use markers or symbols to draw your way around, but ultimately, this is your final step in this assignment.

Total Score:
Total Score: 100


Students will learn the value of planning and being organized when it comes to planning a vacation overseas. Students will also learn how to be budget conscious and how consequences arise when budgets are taken for granted. Students will also apply their knowledge of the Chinese culture and the landmarks in order to further their cultural understanding and history inquiry. This project is designed for various interests and will accommodate all students needs within the classroom setting.

Teachers Page

Teachers can use this WebQuest in a variety of formats but mostly for a China unit. It is a fun project for students to get involved in. It is a great way for students to understand how to budget their money and have a set vacation plan as well as understand the weather patterns and what to pack on their trip. I made the worksheets that go along with it and did not really post them because I am using them in class instead. You can do that as well. All I used was Microsoft Word.