Knowing different people and their culture



Students will be  evaluated in four differents categories: process, presentation, creativity. and summary. The last one will be an individual grade. The rest of aspects will have a group grade averaged out among all group members. The rubric below should be used as a guideline while preparing all of the assigments for this lesson.


Summary No grammatical errors neither spelling errors. Using 4 or 5 sources. Citation with APA. Few grammatical and spelling errors. Using 2-3 sources. Some quotes are cited. A lot of grammatical and spelling errors. Used 1 or 0 source. No citation of APA.
Process There is collaborative work between students, and all of them are always on task. There is Cooperation with peers and teachers; Follows directions to complete the task. Always students generate ideas and discuss about the task. Sometimes on task. Some students Cooperate with peers and teachers. Sometimes follows directions. In spite of the problems the task is finished. Seldom on task. Uncooperative with peers and teachers. Seldom follows direction, and Uncompleted task.
Creativity All the Participants have an appropriate dress, keeping in mind the role each of them is taking. The scenario in which the video in showed is excellent (climate, space,). Additionally all the students use all the sources in the two presentations (video and classroom), and it is created by themselves. For example: microphone, camera, lights, dash, sound, images, and television show program. Some participants contribute searching or making the dress. The scenario is proper and use most of the sources. Only one student gives ideas to develop the presentation, and at the same time is the responsible of the dress and scenario. The scenario is unattractive for a television show. Students using little sources.
Presentation Well prepared and a lot of creativity. Everyone takes part in the presentation. Is completed on time. Somewhat creative and prepared. Most take part in the presentation. Is completed on time. Not prepared. Lack of creativity. Few take part in the presentation. Not completed on time.

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