Alcohol: How it Affects the body



You will be graded on the completion and the accuracy of your answers. I want you to have fun with your posters, be creative. You will be presenting your projects to the class.


# Needs Improvement Good Very Good Excellent Score
Accuracy of Content Some facts are included but more would be helpful Need more facts and better explanation Facts are present but need better explanation Facts are present and explanation of facts are accurate 10
Creativity No creativity Some creativity but more is needed Good, but more would be helpful Great job 10
Presentation Student does not know the material and does not convey message to class Student knows the material but does not make eye contact with classmates Student knows the information and presents it clearly to the class Student knows material and presents it in a way that everyone is engaged in the presentation 10
Completion of worksheet no questions answered 3 questions answered 5 questions answered All questions answered 10

Total Score: 40

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