What is your favourite element?



In this table you will find the criteria I will be marking you on. Take a look at it before you finish up your Webquest to make sure you do well!


# Beginner Good Very Good! Excellent! Score
Group Presentation on elements No visual aids like charts, no presentations etc. The given points are not mentioned Students in group are not prepared Only some of the points given are mentioned No visual aids or very poorly made Students have not practiced their presentation Good visual aids presented Students mention all the points mentioned Students have practiced their presentation and are prepared Very good, clear and interesting visual aids are used All the points are mentioned Students have practiced their presentation and are well prepared Group makes their presentation interesting and fun for all the class 50 %
Watching the video and answering the worksheet Late work and many answers left out Many answers left out All answers filled in but not all correct Handed in on time, with all answers filled in and correct 15%
Homework Sheet Late work, not all answers filled in or tried Not all questions tried. Some answers that are correct All questions tried. Some answers incorrect All questions tried and all questions correct 30%
Neat work on time Homework is late, lots of questions not tried Paper is not dirty and squashed with very bad handwriting Homework on time with all questions tried Neat paper and neat handwriting 5%

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