Hester Prynne's Community (Chad Behanna)



# Poor Fair Good Great Score
Content of Journal Entry Journal entry references 3 or less facts. Student did not research enough to understand the society and role. Journal entry references less than 5 facts. Student didn't complete research, but has limited understanding. Journal entry has 5 facts. Student completed research and has basic understanding of the society and role. The journal entry has 5 or more facts. The student has clearly done the research asked and more and clearly understands the society and role. 30%
Grammar of Journal Entry The journal entry has several glaring spelling and grammatical errors that make it difficult to read. The journal entry has some distracting spelling and grammatical errors. The journal entry has few errors that aren't distracting. The journal entry is practically free of grammatical and spelling errors. 20%
Content of Presentation The group clearly has no understanding of the society and role. The group has a limited understanding of the society and role and may not connect the research and role effectively. The group has a basic understanding of the society and role. The group displays an exemplary understanding of the society and role and how they interact. 25%
Preparation of Presentation. Some of the students are doing nothing while others have done everything. Students are clearly improvising. Presentation has errors that are evident to the audience. Work is likely unequal. The group is prepared with few errors and little to no stumbling over information. The work appears equally distributed. The group is completely prepared with almost no errors. Each group member clearly pulled their own weight. 25%

Total Score: 100%

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