Let's Tell Time



After you have completed your section of the webquest, you will write about how you felt about the webquest.  Did you enjoy it?  If so, you must give at least one reason why you enjoyed it.  Was it too hard?  If so, tell why it was so hard.  Was it too easy?  If so, tell what was too easy.  Would you enjoy doing more webquests in the future?  Don't worry about copying these questions.  Your teacher will give you a paper that has the questions already typed.  Look in your group's basket for this paper.  

Next, it is time to show what you learned.  You will do a short math worksheet.  It will also be in your group's basket.



# 1 Below Basic Having difficutulty performing Grade Level Work 2 Basic Performs Grade Level with assistance 3 Proficient Completes grade level work independently 4 Advanced Performing Above Grade Level Score
Participation Does not attempt to do this webquest. Attempts to do this webquest with much adult assistance. Does this webquest with little adult assistance. Does this webquest without any adult assistance. %25
Reflection The student does not attempt to write a reflection. The student attempts to write a reflection, but does not give examples to support his or her opinion. The students attempts to write a reflection and gives one detail to support his or her opinion. The students writes a reflection and gives two or more examples to support his or her opinion. %25
Viewing and reflecting on 3 or more interactive math games. Viewed 3 websites but didn't not do any reflecting. Viewed 3 websites and reflected on 1 of them with little detail. Viewed 3 websites, reflected on all 3 in detail. Viewed more than 3 websites. Reflected on 3 or more of the websites. %25
Final Worksheets Did not complete either worksheet. Compeleted one of the two worksheets. Completed both worksheets correctly. Completed both worksheets and added their own clock on the back. %25

Total Score: %100

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