Chemical Reactions



Remember to turn in a paper copy of your presentation along with the electronic file on the day of the deadline.

You will also be graded by the Attached Rubric below when you give your Group Presentations.

Don't forget to keep things interesting - students can be a very tough audience!


# Beginning Developing Very Good Exemplary Score
Chemistry Concepts/ Definitions and Memory Technique Reaction type is incompletely or incorrectly defined or has many misconceptions. Memorization technique is missing. Reaction type is defined correctly, but incompletely, and there may a few misconceptions. Memorization technique is ineffective or incorrect. Important details of the reaction type are correct, but there are few supporting details. Memorization technique is correct, but uninspired. Reaction type is clearly and completely addressed in the presentation with many supporting details. Memorization technique is correct and clever. 25
Two real-life examples with equations Real-life examples are missing or equations are missing or incorrect. One real-life example is present, but the other example is missing, incorrect, or incomplete. Two real-life examples are present with correct equations but little detail or explanation. Two real-life examples are present with correct equations and lots of details or explanations. 25
Individual Accountability and Collaboration with Peers Offers inadequate responses to the comments and questions of others; frequently behaved in a disruptive or inappropriate manner. Seems unaware or uninterested in responding to others without being prompted. May dominate conversation or denigrate others' point of view. Sometimes worked well; often lacked teamwork. Responds to the work of others. Comments are usually informative and/or original and helpful. Generally worked well; sometimes lacked teamwork. Positive responses to the work of others with pertinent and original insights. No attempt to dominate presentation. Worked cooperatively and constructively and contributed to the project. 20
Presentation Appearance and Form Presentation uses superfluous graphics, no graphics, or graphics that are so poorly prepared that they detract from the content. Sources were not cited. Occasional use of graphics that rarely support presentation concepts; visual aids were not colorful or clear Choppy, time wasting use of multimedia; lacks smooth transition from one medium to another. Sources were cited incompletely or incorrectly. Appropriate diagrams, photos, or other graphics are prepared. Some material is not supported by visual aids. Sources were cited correctly with no more than one error or omission. Media are prepared in a professional manner. Superfluous details are minimized so that main points stand out. Sources were cited correctly. 30

Total Score: 100

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