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Group Work: A participation grade will be given individually and as a group. Persons are required to share equally each job.

Graphics: At least three graphics to represent three facts from the written document are required.  The graphics must be clear and precise.  Each source mst be documented.

Composition: The paper must contain at least five paragraphs with five sentences per paragraph.  A thesis must be developed and backed by facts.  The persuasive document must be addressed to the proper audience,the school board, and must use proper grammar.

Power Point: A Power Point must be created using at least three graphics and color on each page.



# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Group Work Works, but not fulfilling assignment. Works, but does not complete the the assignment in detail. Works, fulfills all requirements. Goes above and beyond to work and complete assignments and adds to the requirements. 25
Graphics The student has only 1 graphic. The student has 2 graphics. The student has met the requirement for at least three grapics. The student goes above and beyond to have the required graphics and adds to that number. 25
Composition The paper is lacking in requirements such as the required 5 paragraphs or the required 5 sentences per paragraph. The paper has the required number of properly constructed paragraphs,but uses poor grammar. The student meets all requirements such as five paragraphs written using proper grammar addressing the proper audience. The student goes above and beyond the required number of paragraphs, is using proper grammar and advanced vocabulary. The audience is properly addressed 25
Power Point The Power Point has not graphics and lacks color. The Power Point has a few graphics and a little color. The Power Point is colorful, has at least three graphics. The Power Point has more than three graphics, sounds, and animation. 25

Total Score: 100

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